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ketch_avantagesYou need a web site ?

The tools and technology to advertise your company on the web are changing and rapidly evolving, what you are using today can become obsolete tomorrow. Graf dynamic web sites are like a web program that you can always upgrade to keep up-to-date.

If you have other questions?
Register on our site and use our public technical help forum. We will answer you promptly.

Graf is in a constant search for the latest web technology to offers to his customers.

One of the big force of our sites is the ability for the owner, if they want, to take in charge the update and modification of their own web site without special knowledge. A clear and organise secure administration is available through the web to control your content and the motors behind them. You can easily modify articles, menus, images or control and add products to your virtual store.

Blog, forum, RSS, image galleries and videos, documents repository, online live customers support, complete solutions in sales of products and services of all size, real estate, buy and sale, auctions, reservation and hundreds of other professional motors.

You want to present your portfolio of water color or become the next E-Bay conpetitor, be sure that we will find exactly what you need for your site.

You have modeste ambitions or you want to have a mondial coverage, Graf will help you in your endeavor.

About Graf dynamic Joomla web site — CMS (content management system)

We are specialists in dynamic web sites base on Joomla technology that represent for the owner the best investment to do in a modern web representation.

Joomla advantages:

• A multilingual administrative access through the web.
• A clear and simple interface
• Easy for the neophyte in web programing with a minimum of formation to easily modify is content.

For the owner or webmaster (Graf), the evolutive dynamic web site allow fast upgrades and modifications to respond to the changing needs of your company or the changing technical environment. The core Joomla code or any of the inserted motors have their upgrades easily available on the web to be always up-to-date in functionality and security. In 10 years your web site will be still in line with the highest technical standard of the day.

The modular system make the process to add or remove internal motors easy to respond to your company evolution. All of those motors have an open codification (non crypted) that make their personalisation to more specific needs accessible to any programmers.

Motors, modules examples:

Multilingual sites, Newsletter, Google Map integration, geolocalization, blogs, events calendar, directory, RSS, Shout Box, images and videos galleries, YoYube, Facebook, Twitter, Podcast, live broadcast, document repository, live customers service, complete solution to sales of products or online services of any sizes, catalogs, auctions, real estate, vehicles sales and hundreds of others professionally made motors are available to integrate in your site.

In the past, all of those tools will have to be individually program and tailor to your need at a heavy prices. Now, they are available on the web and are sometime offer freely or at a minimum cost (Mostly under a hundred dollars) for anybody to use. All of those tools are continuously ameliorated and updated for performance and security.

Why Joomla 1
(important numbers)

The choice from Graf to produce only Joomla base web site come from our experience and the will to give the best to our customers. Many big regional web sites builders make exactly the same choice, probably for the same reasons.

Joomla framework was developed (as Mambo) around the year 2000 and grow to be one of the best CMS available today that can really propulse a web site in a professional maneer.

See —>

Dated from the 2nd of Decembre 2010, more than 15 million copy of this CMS was downloaded, around 20,000 times  every day.

Joomla proved worldwide is excellence and reliability. Joomla is a system Open Source grouping today more than 200,000 programmers around the world working every day to better is core and updating is capability and security, more than 1,600 professionals recognize modules are available. Joomla regroup an innumerable vibrant community and more than 40 millions of online web sites.

Well-known web site made with Joomla :
The United Nations Regional Information Centre (Nations Unis (ONU) ->
Danone (yogourt) ->
Burger King (Fast Food) ->
Beijing Olympic Orchestra ->
Deep Purple (site officiel du groupe de music connu) ->
Epson Research & Development, Inc ->
Nikon Instruments  (branche de Nikon (photo) ->
Olympus  (appareils photos (Australie) ->
et hundreds more every day...

This system received numerous awards from the web savy community and really got the raw power to drive any type of professional and commercial web sites. More,  the Joomla administration interface is clear and convivial for the user, making Joomla the best choice for your brand new site.

Recent numbers:
(Left side) —> Result on a study on the bests and most populars CMS (Content Management System) web penetration. Deposit the third of August 2010.

This study was made using a recent web software name“Blind Elephant”  To survey all sites using a CMS and what type of CMS was used.
506,071 active site for sampling.

(Right Side) —> Google Trends (Live) Use worlwide of the bests & most populars CMS.

2010 Study
Use worlwide of the bests & most populars CMS 
Type SGC
# %
Drupal 3027 06.76
Joomla! 12492 27.9
Liferay 104 00.23
Mediawiki 69 00.154
Moodle 65 00.145
MovableType 332 00.742
osCommerce 1172 02.62
phpBB 298 00.67
phpMyAdmin 80 00.179
phpNuke 306 00.684
SPIP 206 00.460
Wordpress 26609 59.4
Total sites with CMS 44760 8.8%

This graph is automatically renew  by
the technolgy


Even if Wordpress system is more frequent than Joomla our experience and the opinion of many professionals webmaster is that Wordpress stay a restricted system for the construction of real corporates web sites, but is sufficient to build personals blogs that don’t really need to be able to evolute. Joomla reunite all the quality needed to build solid web sites of any size with or without electronic commerce without compromises.
A large proportion of sites uses older static technology and sometimes even mix with other languages like ASP, flash that most of the time makes those sites expensive to produce and maintain without any real flexibility. The CMS that appear around year 2000 are on the way to replace them. This is the future Now!
Why Joomla 2?
— The detractors:
If you are looking for a web site for your project or company, you can come across statements against the known CMS like; Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress. Those critics, most of the time, come from webmasters that promote their own CMS (Content Management Sysem) that one or more of their programmers put together or they are depositary or some kind of other type of unusual CMS.

The bigger problem with this approach is that in 99% of the cases, if you want to move your site/business somewhere else  no other company will take back your site or they will charge almost the price of a new one to simply try to take control of your system. At the end, you probably have to redo completely your site from scratch.

Startup cost, maintaining, upgrading and modifying that type of web site will always be high. Any addition of motors or any custom capabilities will drive big expenses. Don’t let anybody delude you!

You have to be careful with companies that offer Joomla sites, but in reality have a very light experience of those systems. Graf is specializing itself only in CMS for over 5 years now. Don’t forget to ask what type of customer’s services and technical support will be provided to you after your site become live. Compare with us!
Lately, we have to redo a Joomla site with electronic commerce that was promised from a big, known company in Montreal that suppose to specialize in Joomla web sites. After a year, the site never perform as expected, nor be  completely functional. After a month, the site was up and running with praise from the owner. That’s Graf!
The lies:

Lie 1 CMS are not secure...

Answer 1FALSE - Open source CMS, like Joomla, are more secure than homemade sites or CMS. As proof, more than 40 millions sites are actually online and a good percentages of them are governments sites, complete electronic commerce or repository of privates documents and information. Every day more than 200,000 programmers actualize the core programming and  internal security and motors (modules). Security updates are easily available and installs in minutes to keep your site up there.
These updates are similar to the ones for your computers systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). It’s impossible for few programmers to have the same level of follow-through.

In fact, web security is more about the knowledge and experience of the webmaster.

Lie 2CMS always look the same, they are template...

Answer 2FALSE -
Joomla, like any other visual and content on the web are build on different frameworks (html, php, css, flash...). The only real limitations are more the knowledge and design skills of the webmaster. Few technology have their own structure, like Flash from the company Adobe. Alas, Flash development and resulting sites are poise with a tremendous cost to produce, maintain and update, even if it’s only a word in a phrase. If wanted, nothing prevent you to integrate flash content in a Joomla site.
Contrary-wise CMS can rapidly with their back-end administration and CSS (cascading style sheet) driven design change in structure and design literally at the click of a mouse.

What they forget to tell you —
Learning to control a Joomla base site is not harder than to learn any computer program. More you learn on Joomla and less you need outside help from them (or us).

Graf do everything in is power to liberate you from any dependence from us.
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