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ketch_avantages5 good reasons to do business with Graf 

1β€” You can see the quality and concern on every details in our work. Be sure that the same care we will show in your projects.

2β€” Our prices are reasonable and adapted to your budget without any concession in the work accomplish.

3β€” Graf regard you to be more than just a simple customer, but like a partner in our mutual success. We will always give that little extra that will prove this to you.

4β€” You can count on us! Honesty, consistency and accessibility are the motors of our endeavors and between us we prefer doing business with people that conveyed the same principles.

5β€” We are a marketing company, our work is more than only making web sites or visual promotions. Our main goal is to become a valuable asset for your business in reaching is goals.


  Timeline of a web site development and launch:

1β€” We meet in your office to establish your needs in a web presence. We need to really understand your business by knowing who are your customers and to have an idea of your future directions. This will help us to build the best representative web site for your enterprise that will be an invaluable tool to your success without going over your budget.

We will give you an estimation of the costs at this first meeting.

2β€” Our programmers, designers and technicians will meet to study the details of your project. A visual presentation of the general design will be presented in your office and we give you a final cost and deadline.

3β€” A written detail contract with all the information on the internal motors, design and all other facets of your site like, deadline, costs, payment modalities... is given.

4β€” After, the base of the site is installed on our servers. From the start, you can see in real time the evolution of your site and supervise the construction. At any moments you can to intervene rapidly to give us directions or ask questions. You are in charge.

5β€” Codes are tested and optimize on all the modern platform and browsers (Windows, Mac, Explorer, Firefox, Safari). All motors are installed and tested, material and contents are inserted.

6β€” The site is officially launch!

Graf hosting services:

Graf use Bluehost for is hosting services β€”>
Bluehost is considered to be one of the 10 best hosting services worldwide. Graf use Bluehost for at least 8 years and they deliver year after year the same professional service and customers support.

You have to be extremely cautious in choosing a hosting provider. Graf witness grave problems of sites disappearance or site that was taken in hostage, domain names lost and the lack of customer’s services when problems aroused. Graf give your hosting only to serious professional services. Our name is on the line.
Graf hosting service give you access to the brand new technology for servers and web access. We offer great security and flexibility for your site to grow without problems and restrictions.

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • 2,500 POP/Imap Email
  • Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers
  • UPS Power Backup
  • Diesel Generator Backup
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections
  • and more...

Please, compare with our competitors!

Maintenance and customers service:

Graf goal is to empower his customer with all the tools and support to be able, if they want, to control their web sites. Even if Graf can partially or completely take care of your web site at low cost, you will see that Graf provide you with all the tools to brake from any dependency with us.

Doing otherwise will counteract the benefits and essence to possess a dynamic web site.

Graf customers service:

1β€” All Graf web sites come with a basic formation to help you start to modified your content and understand your administration (In your office - 3 hours (normally enough to start in a simple web site)

2β€” We provide you with a personal User Guide (5 to 10 pages) in an interactive PDF format. This document contain all the important information and keys related to your site (servers, passwords and important functions).
(Other guides are provided to get you started with the important motors that constitute your site)

3β€” A general Guide (now with 41 pages) made by Graf, give you a more in depth approach to understand Joomla and the special tools that are included with Graf sites. This document is in perpetual evolution and all Graf customers will receive newer versions.

4β€” All documents and a good library of books (french and English) are available online to all Graf clients in our private documents repository. 

5β€” Graf customers have a 24h/24h access to a private technical assistance forum (response time between 2 to 4 hours)

6β€” A monthly newsletter are send to our customers to let them know of newer version of documents and other pertinent information, offers, tip & tricks right in your mailbox.

7β€” Graf supply you annually or at your demand with a CD with a complete backup of your site and database. This backup is mounted and tested thoroughly on our local servers. If you are not satisfied with our work or you want to transport your site to another hosting services. No problems, present your Backup CD to your new webmaster and in 2 to 3 hours your complete site should be up and running. All the keys needed to your existing web site is given to you in your personal user guide.

8β€” At any time, Graf can take care of your site for any modification or maintenance. Graf can operate any changes in a record time at a very low cost as all of our customers benefitit of a special hour rate.

         You can see here that when you acquire a Graf web site you get a lot more than only 3 hours of formation, but in fact, a permanent complete professional technical support.
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Online Help

Social Bookmarks

 Advance Facebook Pages Design

  • Personalization
  • Images galleries
  • Sound and videos
  • Contact forms
  • Web sites integration and marketing
Graf Hosting
  • Unlimited  Hosting Space
  • Unlimited   Transfer
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited  E-mail
  • Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers
  • UPS Power Backup
  • Diesel Generator Backup
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections
Our Services
Marketing, design

on top of is expertise in dynamic web sites offer you complete solution in all marketing services, publicity, visual identity of company and products.

From your logo to complete marketing campaigns we will be your trusted partner.

Your success is the reflect of ours!


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