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Sites Web Graf Web SitesMore than 20 years experience in visual communication and traditional and web marketing, exhibits and web presence for all types and size of corporate or commercial projects.
Quality of work, attention to detail, customer service and honesty in our business relationships make Graf a company apart on which you can rely.

We are a Canadian company situated in Quebec.

Specialists in building, hosting and maintaining High-End Joomla multilingual and SEO ready web sites & marketing strategy.

Our expertise
  • Last technology Web building for desktop and mobile devices
  • Specialists in SEO-SEF, Search Engines placement (Google, Bing, etc...)
  • Google AdWords, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter...
  • Unix server environment - PHP - Joomla - Security and Surveillance
  • Creation and enhancement of corporate image
  • Establishment of analytical tools (Google and others), data interpretation and improvement plans.
  • Needs analysis, interface ergonomics
  • Interactive Documents (PDF) and PDF conversion - Web
  • HTML5 Animation and other formats
  • Educational videos, tutorials & training

Graf websites
Graf uses Joomla, the best CMS (Content Management System) in 2014 to propel a website. One of the three CMS (Content Management System) most used in the world. After more than 10 years of experience as builders of web solutions we offer our customers this system simply because there is currently the best investment for them at all levels.

Visit our System advantages section to learn more about that technology.

Soon the site graf new look.
Our site is online in its current form for over 10 years, it is time to change to the same new technology we offer our customers.
Check back soon to see our new website. Note that this new site will be accessible and will automatically adjust to your phone or your favourite tablet (The latest in "Responsive" mode). 

From the simple blog to a full commercial website of any size, your online exposure will reflect your business professionalism. Programmers, graphic designers and technicians will transform your needs in real development tools.

No more high costs and waiting time to add a comma or insert your new product !

With an online administrative access, you can control to your liking the evolution of you’re web space.

An A to Z service bureau!
Evaluation, personalization, construction, hosting and follow-up.

Why choosing Graf?
You have many advantages to entrust us with your work. Visit our section Graf advantages to know more.

2— The advantages of the dynamic web site CMS Joomla are obvious. , Visit our System advantages section to learn more about that technology.

3— See our section Our work, you will be convinced!

Trends, Information & Graf News.
Graf wants to share his knowledge at the web and marketing level to help promote your products and services. The last news and trends in web marketing, use of Socials Channels and more...

This blog is also a very powerful system exclusive to Graf to easily promote your products, web site and your business using the marketing power of the socials channels without waisting precious time.Boutons-videoWhatch the video on this system (in french) —> Click Here



Boutons-videoWhatch the video on this system (in french) â€”> Click Here

web-to-social-smallPublished your news, important points or products on your web site and they will be AUTOMATICALLY published on your Business Facebook Page or Twitter account or any of the others Socials channels you belong to.

Note : the system send images and back links to your sites to the socials channels


• Eliminate the need to enter the same news to multiple locations.
• Maximize your brand visibilty by natural propagation.
• Visitors can add your news and infos to their own social circles
• (SEO) Increase your reputation and your classification  with the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...)
Note : new and updated content is one of the most important point for the SEO.


Each of these articles and entry in your blog can be accompanied with a Facebook Comment System with socials bookmarking with the possibility to visitors to comments or ask questions on your articles and also to send the link to the conversation to their own Facebook space, if they want to.


• Gather questions, reactions and comments from your visitors on your new products, services or news and engage the conversation with them.
• Comments and back links to your site se appear automatically on your Facebook space Facebook and activate your web presence between your site and Facebook
• Visitors can insert the conversation on their own Facebook, if they want to.
• (New in 2012) — Google will increase your site search position by taking in consideration the Facebook Comments like new contents and increase activity on your site.



Vidéo - Propagation Site vers réseaux sociaux - Système Graf System

Vidéo - Propagation Site vers réseaux sociaux - Système Graf System

Regarder ce vidéo qui explique le système Graf de propagat....

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Understand SEO - Graf SEO Table

Understand SEO - Graf SEO Table

Les termes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) et SEF (Search E....

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Site propagation vers réseaux sociaux - Graf solution

Site propagation vers réseaux sociaux - Graf solution

Notre nouveau système vous permet de propager AUTOMATIQUEME....

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Inviter Ă  votre page Facebook - Invite to your Facebook page

Inviter Ă  votre page Facebook - Invite to your Facebook page

Voir ce vidéo pour vous aider à inviter vos amis, clients ....

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You need a web site, you have many questions?

Graf offer you FREELY to answer all your questions on choosing, maintaining and the web technologies available for a modern web site!
This is not marketing for Graf, but a way to share our knowledge with you. Graf with give you unbiased advice, even if those make you choose another company or technology for your web site.
Use the extensions of our site on:



Ask your questions in the Discussions or participate in the discussion on the Wall.

Customized Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Register on our site and use the public version of our Technical assistance forum Graf.
Button —> Tools —> Forum

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Remember to enter your registration information to access the forum tools.

Graf customers benefit from the same technical support in the private section of this forum. Their questions are answered in priority 24h/24h Freely daily.

Three steps

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Online Help

Social Bookmarks

 Advance Facebook Pages Design

  • Personalization
  • Images galleries
  • Sound and videos
  • Contact forms
  • Web sites integration and marketing
Graf Hosting
  • Unlimited  Hosting Space
  • Unlimited   Transfer
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited  E-mail
  • Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers
  • UPS Power Backup
  • Diesel Generator Backup
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections
Our Services
Marketing, design

on top of is expertise in dynamic web sites offer you complete solution in all marketing services, publicity, visual identity of company and products.

From your logo to complete marketing campaigns we will be your trusted partner.

Your success is the reflect of ours!


Who’s online!

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Enhanced value


Graf keep a small infrastructure with a group of trusted partners in various specialties like: web design and programation, complete graphic design solution, print products, marketing and promotional material, networking, new company and product launch and a lot more...

This give to our customers a maximum of premium services offer at realistic prices.



Customer services

imageGraf offer a continuous 24/24 customer service.

Professionalism and special attention merged for only one goal: Served and answer your needs.

A small interogation or an urgent work, our team will exceed your expectations.

Have your own marketing department without inflated expense.